About Orlando Florida

What about Orlando Florida? We got any “stuff” to do down here?

Many of the visitor attractions available in Orlando Florida will have their own page here on about Orlando-Florida-Attractions.com.

Some the other locations, those that are not commonly thought of as something visitors would necessarily visit, those will be listed here on the about Orlando Florida page with links to more information about these locations.

Orlando Airport anyone?

This page provides information about the Orlando International airport with factoids that we hope you find useful.

How about Orlando Florida City Hall?

Orlando City Hall - www.orlando-florida-attractions.comNot everyone would consider visiting the city hall in Orlando yet there are very interesting things to see.

Orlando City Hall has art galleries, a building that is itself interesting, nice parks outside the front doors to sit and enjoy the typically wonderful weather, and at lunch time a really nice eatery.  Orlando City Hall is just a short walk from the Amway Center. Want to find out more? Here’s more information on Orlando City Hall.

An Overview of Orlando?

This recent addition to the Orlando skyline invites visitors to step aboard, and get an overview of downtown Orlando, Disney, the many lakes, and on a clear day it is said you can see the Cape Canaveral coast from the top.

Promo image from the Orlando Eye - www.orlando-florida-attractions.com

Welcome to The Orlando Eye – see Orlando like the birds do.

About Orlando Florida Restaurants?

In the greater Orlando area there are hundreds, if not thousands of restaurants. We are not surprised, as Orlando enjoys the visits of millions of people each year to take in the greater Orlando areas theme parks and attractions. We cannot visit them all though we are trying. Here is a bit of information about Orlando area restaurants. We will add more information as the list of Orlando area restaurants we have visited and – sometimes – enjoyed, grows.

Who likes to shop in Orlando?

Based on the reality of the millions of visitors streaming into Orlando year round, there are many outlets and areas to shop. The Orlando area may be the city that has the absolutely most flea markets of any city in North America. Interested? Here is more information on Orlando Shopping.

Orlando Water

We travel a good deal, as do many others. The trend to the drinking water worldwide seems to be that it is better to pump chlorinated pool water through the lines to the drinking water tap, than risk the presence of bacteria. To our taste buds, this renders the “fresh” water undrinkable. Here’s what we do about Orlando water.

Street signs in Orlando Florida - www.orlando-florida-attractions.com

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