Bok Tower

If you are in the Orlando area for any reason, and you enjoy peace, tranquility, beauty and gardens, then the Bok Tower and Bok Gardens are an absolutely must visit.

Located in Lake Wales, Bok Tower is about 1 1/4 hours (55 miles) drive from downtown Orlando Florida. Two main roads get you to Lake Wales. Take I4 South/Westbound until you reach highway 27, and then take highway 27 South to Lake Wales.

Watch for theBok Tower signs on highway #27 as you arrive near Lake Wales. It will be a left turn from #27 for Southbound drivers. Once you leave #27 it’s a short drive (but quite a few turns – so watch for the signs) to both Bok Tower and the impressive Bok Gardens.

Gorgeous flowers in bloom at Bok Tower Florida

The Bok Tower pages on this site contain many images, yet we regret that the photos do not do justice to the beauty of Bok Tower and Bok Gardens. You really must visit to fully enjoy this wonderful attraction.

From the base of the Bok Tower in Lake Wales Florida

View from the base of the Bok Tower in Lake Wales Florida

Entrance to Bok Tower and Bok Gardens

When you arrive at the spacious 250 acre grounds of this National Historic Landmark – located at the top of Iron Mountain and in existence since the late 1920’s – you will access the grounds through the drive-in gates as shown below.

Entrance to Bok Tower and Bok Gardens Lake Wales Florida

Access to Bok Tower & Gardens

There is a per-person fee for entering Bok Gardens & Tower. In 2014 that fee was  $12.00 per adult, and $3.00 per person under 12 years of age.

What struck us immediately as we passed the gates were the orange groves. The Tower and visitor complex are about 1.5 miles past the entrance gates, and the grounds surrounding the gardens and tower are rich in citrus trees.

Bok Tower is surrounded by citrus groves

Bok Tower is surrounded by citrus groves

The image above depicts some of the thousands of citrus trees that surround Iron Mountain and Bok Tower. During our visit large, plump oranges festooned hundreds of trees on both sides of the drive, the fruit glinting like orange diamonds in the sun and the bouquet of oranges filled the air. A wonderful beginning to a wonderful visit to Bok Tower.

Parking at Bok Tower

We don’t believe we’ve seen a parking lot as beautiful as that of Bok Tower’s. Nothing about the pavement is remarkable. It’s the trees, lining the parking area boulevards like gnarled sentries draped luxuriously in Spanish Moss, their branches dripping fat, sage icicles. That and the marvellous Bok Tower rising majestically in the distance.

Parking at Bok Tower Lake Wales

Parking under the trees at Bok Tower Lake Wales

There is no charge for parking at Bok Tower gardens. Immediately adjacent to the parking area is the visitor center.

Start your Bok Tower visit at the visitor center

You can wander at will – through the gardens or to Bok Tower – after you exit your vehicle in the parking lot, yet we recommend that you spend some time in the visitor center first.

Visitor center at Bok Tower Gardens in Lake Wales Florida

The visitor center at Bok Tower Gardens in Lake Wales Florida is modern, welcoming, offers a wealth of information about the facility and surroundings, contains the Blue Palmetto cafe for those needing a little sustenance during their visit, and clean – wheelchair friendly comfort stations.

“Make you the world a bit better or more beautiful because you have lived in it” is the inscription over the entry way to the visitor center at Bok Tower Gardens. And Edward Bok certainly did.

More information about Bok Tower & Gardens…


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