Bonefish Grill Orlando

The Bonefish Grill Orlando is a chain restaurant and they have locations in many states. Even so, it’s fast becoming one our favorites.

One reason is that we are located in West Orlando, and there is a Bonefish Grill nearby.  The other is their food.

Can you say Bang Bang shrimp? (The Bang Bang Shrimp name is copyrighted by Bonefish Grill.)

When you get to a Bonefish Grill, regardless of what day you are there, try this dish. If you go Wednesdays, the Bang Bang Shrimp may be on at a special price.

Logo for Bonefish Grill restaurant in OrlandoSince Wednesdays are Bang Bang Shrimp day, you can order them straight up, or as part of a dinner dish such as Bang Bang Shrimp Crispy Taco, Surf + Turf Burger with the surf being the shrimp, or Bang Bang Shrimp Sirloin with the shrimp and a nice sirloin steak.

Oh my, this is good shrimp.

Not just shrimp, though. Seafood of all kinds, all kinds of steaks and chops, coupled with excellent service, at least the times we’ve been to the Bonefish Grill.

Our local restaurant is:

Bonefish Grill Kissimmee at Main Gate 192
7801 West Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway
Kissimmee, 34747

But for information about your local Bonefish Grill and more of what’s available, just visit their excellent site:

Go and have some Bang Bang Shrimp. If you like seafood, and love shrimp, these will blow you away!

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