Devenney’s Irish Pub

Not a chain restaurant for sure, but for good down-home Irish type cooking, Devenney’s Irish Pub is one restaurant you want to visit.

Devenney’s is located on the West side of highway 27, just North of the 192 (Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway) junction. In fact, 192 West bound ends at highway 27. If you are coming West on 192 you will have to make a U-turn as you head North on 27, and watch for the plaza with Devenney’s just before you get to the 192 junction. You’ll turn right into the parking area. It’s easy to miss as there is construction going on in the area as well, early in 2015.

Logo for Devenney's Irish Pub OrlandoWhy Devenney’s?

Well, if you like fish and chips, Friday is a twofer, great value, and really, really good fish & chips.

The folks next to us were enjoying the Shepherd’s Pie (huge portion alert) which, the say, they order every time they go to Devenney’s, which evidently is often.

The Sunday Traditional Roast Dinner looks very tantalizing, and is available from 2pm Sundays, boasting a selected Roast joint of Meat and the best Yorkshire pudding this side of Yorkshire!

We enjoyed our visit and will go back again. Hope to see you there.

Devenneys Irish Pub
16909 High Grove Blvd Clermont, Fl 34714
Phone: 352-432-3925

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