Disney Springs Orlando Florida

What is Disney Springs Orlando Florida? Well, it used to be known as Downtown Disney!

In September of 2015 Downtown Disney was renamed to Disney Springs and their plans for this shopping, restaurant and pub destination continue to unfold. I have left the page for Downtown Disney live on this site as much of the information on it is still valid and pertains to Disney Springs.

What does the change mean for you, the visitor?

In the spring of 2016, much of what was Downtown Disney is still there. The Downtown Disney signs have pretty much all disappeared.

Disney Springs Orlando Florida - www.orlando-florida-attractions.com

The new (free to use) parking garage is very convenient, and the exit from I-4 to Disney Springs whisks you to parking in no time. And, another parking garage is under construction, as well as parking being available outside of the garages.

Some of the old stand by locations are closed. Here is a photo of the Planet Hollywood restaurant – taken in February 2016 – and looking pretty forlorn in a public-barred older part of Disney Springs. No idea whether it will be refurbished or torn down, though based on its appearance, demolition is the more likely.

Planet Hollywood at Disney Springs Orlando Florida - www.orlando-florida-attractions.comThe new bridge over to The Rainforest Cafe and it’s erupting mountain is complete, as shown in the next photo. Lots more folks can now circumnavigate that end of Disney Springs allow many more visitors to enjoy the amenities from two directions.

Disney Springs Walkway - www.orlando-florida-attractions.comSpeaking of the Rainforest Cafe at Disney Springs and its erupting mountain, here you go… a short video of that very thing.

 As the evolution of Disney Springs in Orlando continues, expect many, many new shops to open in the next few months. The blockaded area have lots of merchants building and stocking goods, and getting increasingly excited about liberating some dollars from your wallet for various goods and services they plan to provide.

Disney Springs construction - www.orlando-florida-attractions.comAs we were waiting at one of the docks for the free ferry ride (the Disney Springs Orlando Florida ferries don’t come as frequently as they did before, since the walkway was installed at the Marketplace end of Disney Springs) we noticed a car go floating by. A little later on we figured out where they were coming from. See the short video below for details.

As it was for Downtown Disney, the new Disney Springs Orlando Florida offers the visitor a host of no-cost features. Wandering through the various outlets, some offering a free taste, some providing entertainment for the youngsters, the bandstand, all of it can be enjoyed with little expenditure.

However, it is a shopping center, regardless of the amenities provided to attract visitors, you will find that food and drink is comparatively expensive, and the Disney trinkets which appeal to young and young at heart come with the Disney level pricing.

Do wander the grounds, do enjoy, yet if you go for a meal or to acquire souvenirs, be prepared to leave a goodly amount of cash in the stores, restaurants and pubs, of  Disney Springs Orlando Florida, or even the significant cost of taking in the marvellous entertainment that can be found at the on-site Cirque Du Soleil pavilion shown below.

Cirque du Soleil at Disney Springs - www.orlando-florida-attractions.com


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