Disney’s All Star Sports Resort

As the name suggests, Disney’s All Star Sports Resort has a sports theme.

As is not suggested by the name, we would categorize Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort as a budget vacation experience, at least based on Disney’s standards. There are not many locations in Disney World that you can stay for under $100 US per night. Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort is, at least as late 2015, one of them.

All Star Sports hotel at Disney World - www.orlando-florida-attractions.comWithin the grounds of Disney’s All Star Sports Resort visitors will find hotels designed around baseball, basketball, football, surfing and tennis. Disney goes to great lengths to make each of the themed buildings relate to their sport.

For example, the football rooms have unusual accesses. The photo below shows how to get to your rooms through the giant football.

Disney's All-Star Sports Resort - www.orlando-florida-attractions.comOr, you can enter the building through the giant football helmet.

Disney's All-Star Sports Resort - www.orlando-florida-attractions.comIf you are considering staying at one of Disney’s All-Star Sports Resorts, and you are looking for peace and quiet, this one may not be for you.

The theme caters to sports teams from all over, and that means youngsters and younger teens are everywhere, including the pool, with a pretty neat surfboard motif. Not too busy early in the morning, but by mid-afternoon the pool was packed.

Disney's All-Star Sports Resort - www.orlando-florida-attractions.comEating at Disney’s All Star Sports Resort

That this hotel is aimed at the younger set is evident in their eating establishment, known as the End Zone Food Court. Burgers, hot dogs, nachos… you know, younger person’s fare.  Pizza delivery to your room is very popular.

You will not find fine dining at the All Star Sports Resort. If you seek that, either visit another of the resorts at Disney, or head down the road to an exit from Disney that gets you onto Road 192 (Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy) which runs adjacent to Disney. Food of all kinds and all prices is available at the many restaurants along this road.

Comments about your stay at Disney’s All Star Sports Resort are welcome, as are any photos you care to share.

Resort Address

1701 West Buena Vista Drive
Lake Buena Vista, Florida 32830-8401
Tel: (407) 939-5000
W: disneyworld.disney.go.com/resorts/all-star-sports-resort/

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