Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodges

Disney’s animal kingdom lodges encompass three resorts in the Disney Animal Kingdom all located within the main Disney complex where you find the Magic Kingdom and the other Disney theme areas.

These resort lodges are; An Animal Lodge,  Jambo House and  Kidani Village. As a visitor to the Animal Kingdom lodges, you can visit them without the necessity of buying a ticket to any of the theme areas. We drove up, said to the security people that we would like to review the lodge before agreeing to stay there, and were welcomed in.

Jambo House and the Animal Kingdom lodge are adjacent (almost part of the same building though built at different times) while Kidani Village is in a separate location.

Why take the time? Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodges are worthwhile seeing for adults and for kids. If you can make it happen see if you can get there, by booking in or just visiting as we did. The Animal Kingdom lodges are SPECTACULAR!

Jambo House / Animal Kingdom

At Jambo House, picture a low rise, long and narrow, apartment building with an African exterior.

Part of the lobby of Jambo House at Disney Orlando Take that low rise building and bend it into a large semi-circle. Then, place the semi-circles (there are a number of sections) strategically around a man-made African veldt.

Now, populate the veldt with wild African animals and birds that all guests can see and enjoy from the main areas of the lodge and you have Jambo House.

The African Veldt area behind Disney's Jambo House Resort

Guests of this lodge staying in the premium rooms overlook overlook the veldt where African animals roam.

African animal on veldt behind Jambo House Disney Resort

Again, an absolutely spectacular Disney Resort.


Flamingoes and spoonbills at Jambo House Disney Resort

Kidani Village

Down the road from Jambo is Kidani Village. Also an African theme, the village surrounds a wildlife viewing area which houses quite a number of native African wildlife. Here is the main entrance.

Main entrance to Kidani Village Disney Resort

The main lodge is amazing, and although we didn’t get the opportunity of visiting the rooms, we expect them to be sumptuous.

Part of main lobby of Kidani Village at Disney Orlando

We sure feel that all of the resorts and lodges at Disney are worthwhile visiting even if you don’t stay in them.

If you have an African bent though, make sure you visit Disney’s Animal Kingdom lodges whether you are visiting the Animal Kingdom theme park or not, both Jambo House and Kidani Village. Amazing resorts, for sure.

African animals at Disney's Kidani Village

And, one more look at the inside of Kidani Village resort, one of the common areas with windows overlooking the veldt.

Inside Kidani Village Disney Resort in Orlando

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