Fun Spot Orlando

In the quest to attract visitors, and their dollars, Fun Spot Orlando offers free parking and free admission. It is another one of the amusement parks that dot the greater Orlando area and is similar to, and actually located right beside, Old Town USA. Since both parks offer different amusements for children and adults, taking in both during the same visit makes sense.

Although the address in the info box at the end of the page says Fun Spot Orlando is on Del Verde Way, that’s the official address and their main entrance. You can, and we did, enter Fun Spot via the walkway right beside Old Town on International Boulevard.

Fun Spot sign in Orlando FloridaAside from a range of children’s attractions, along with the obligatory snack bars, soft drink stands and so on, this amusement park offers a couple of unique things to the Orlando Florida attractions list.

Big 'Un Monster Truck at Fun Spot Orlando

One of the neat things is a multi-level go kart track, with drivers able to take their cars at what feels like high speed around twists and turns, and then up the ramps, much like you would find in a multi-level parking garage. Now that’s fun!

Skycoaster at Fun Spot Orlando

Sky Coaster ride at Fun Spot Orlando

It is a lousy photo and we apologize.  Let us explain how the Skycoaster works. The “legs” you see to the left and right in the image have a cross bar way, way up top. From that crossbar hangs cables, that end at a harness in the middle, near (but not touching) the ground. A couple of daredevil types will be strapped into the harness.

Also attached to the cable at the harness is another cable and it stretches way up to the top of the center pole you see in the photo. That cable is pulled up after the riders are strapped in, and the harness and the people are pulled up all the way to the top of the center pole and then… dropped!

The harness swings on the main cables, plummeting towards the ground, then coasting along at ground level, and then up and away again out almost as far as the main road. The passengers swing on the end of this long cable back and forth three or four times, and then the harness is trapped, and the passengers are pulled to the stage where they are released, new passengers are strapped in, and the cycle repeats.

You can hear the passengers screaming in fear for a long, long way!

Skycoaster ride, anyone? 🙂

A short video follows, showing just some of the attractions there including a glimpse of folks riding the Skycoaster.

The beginning of the video shows the entrance to Fun Spot Orlando from International Drive.

Pricing info, directions, and coupons are available from their site listed below.

As with their next door neighbor Old Town, the area abounds with a range of restaurants from fast food to finer dining in Orlando.

Fun Spot Orlando

  • Location: 5551 Del Verde Way Orlando, Florida 32819
  • Distance: about 9 miles from #408 & #4 in downtown Orlando
  • Tel: 407-363-3867
  • Web:
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