I-Fly In Orlando

Our I-Fly in Orlando experience t started by a casual comment to my daughter, after I saw an ad. “Want to go skydiving… inside” I said? Shortly thereafter she was on the phone to I-Fly Orlando.

It is not an inexpensive Orlando attraction, but my, my, it is exciting. Rate information is available from their website.

You will need to call and book a “flight” and they will ask you for a major credit card when you arrange your reservation.

Upon arrival, you will register on their computer terminal, sign your waiver, and head off to await your pre-fly training. If you are fortunate, as we were, you will have a few minutes in the waiting area to enjoy the flight experience of those booked before you. Then, it’s off to the training room for your flight training, which is, I am told, both comprehensive and enjoyable.

You will don the appropriate gear, including jump suit, goggles, ear plugs and helmet. Then you are ready.

Here is the video we made.


You get two one minute flights for your typical ticket, and the tickets are not cheap… but my, what an experience! By the time you are into the second minute, you are getting the hang of indoor sky diving at I-Fly Orlando, and then the real flying begins. As part of the second minute, the very capable trainer and you ride the 150+ mph column of air up into the chimney and out of sight of visitors below. Gone!

A few seconds later, you drift back down, under perfect control. If time permits you ascend and descend again, and maybe again. Exhilarating.

My daughter said that though the flights went fast, each was packed with experience, and she very much thought that this Orlando Attraction was money well spent.

Care to I-Fly in Orlando? Here are the coordinates.

I-Fly Orlando

Name: iFly Indoor Skydiving

  • Location: 6805 Visitors Circle, Orlando FL 32819
  • Distance: about 8.8 miles from #408 & #4 in downtown Orlando
  • Tel: 1-800-SKYFUN1
  • Web: www.iFlyorlando.com
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