Incredible strawberry shortcake

Incredible strawberry shortcake is available near Orlando.

Update – March 2019… well, we’ve gone back at least once every snowbird season since this page was originally published. Aside from some modest price increases, Parkesdale remains the best place for strawberry shakes and shortcake, in our opinion. This first photo is from our March 2019 visit…

They promote it as the best strawberry shortcake and the best strawberry milkshakes in the world.

Parkesdale extreme strawberry treats being enjoyed in March 2019

Parkesdale extreme strawberry treats being enjoyed in March 2019

We would have to agree.

We visited because friends told us that if you got anywhere near Plant City Florida (about 60 miles from downtown Orlando – less if you are staying in the west end of Orlando on your visit) and it is between January and April, you have to try their strawberry shortcake. We did. My oh my, this is a mountain of delight!

Incredible strawberry shortcake

Incredible strawberry shortcake at Parkesdale Market, Plant City Florida

We got our incredible strawberry shortcake all-dressed. That’s a mound of strawberries on the bottom, shortcake, another huge pile of Parkesdale’s own strawberries on top, a ski-hill of vanilla ice cream (they pump it on) and all this topped with a mountain of non-dairy whipped topping, also pumped on. Once again, Oh My!

When we arrived, there were only a few people in line to get their own strawberry shortcake and strawberry milkshakes, we had a brief chat with Xiomara Meeks, the business manager at Parkesdale Market. The market has been around since 1956, though we didn’t find out how long they have been serving their world-famous shortcake and milkshakes.

We should have had our treats first! By the time we got back to the lineup, it was quite a bit longer. No worries, really. The folks building their shortcake and strawberry shakes know what they are about. \

Straweberry milkshake and shortcake at Parkesdale Lakeland

 Parkesdale Farm Market

Come for the strawberries, stay for the fruit and produce.

It really is a farm market first. Since once of their products is strawberries, some very smart people focused on the dessert business, and now hordes of hungry folks visit to buy a dessert, and the rest of their produce needs as well. Very well done!


Pride of Parkesdale strawberries

The Parkesdale Farm Market operation, the place where you go to get incredible strawberry shortcake! Folks visit from all over North America and the world.

Delicious desserts at Parkesdale Farm Market Lakeland Florida

Your dish of incredible strawberry shortcake is waiting for you at:

Parkesdale Farm Market
3702 West Baker Street
Plant City, Florida 33563
T: (813) 754-2704
(888) 311-1701 Toll Free

More information about Parkesdale Farm Market can be found here:

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8 years ago

Parkesdale’s was packed when we were there, and with good reason – best strawberry shortcake ever! A lovely spot – well organized with lots of local Florida produce and products on offer. We’ll definitely go back.

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