International Marketplace in Auburndale Florida

Another very large indoor and outdoor flea market near Orlando is the International Marketplace in Auburndale Florida.

It’s about an hours drive from downtown Orlando, essentially Westbound on I-4 until you get to 570 Southbound right to Auburndale.

Why go? Well if you like flea markets – I mean real flea markets – with lots of used stuff, the International Market has that. As well, hundreds of tables offer virtually any new merchandise from clothes to car parts.

International Market World Auburndale Florida

If you are in the market for fresh fruits and veggies, fresh honey and other assorted foodish items, there are many vendors offering these items.

International Market World flea market has an abundance of hot food booths, giving a broad choice of ready-to-eat items for those inclined. Since there are buildings after buildings, and yards after yards, it can take hours to see it all, so it’s good there is food available.

International Market World Flea Market in Auburndale FloridaThe International Market World flea market in Auburndale is only open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so note that when you are planning to go.

Unlike other flea markets, the Auburndale location offers some entertainment for visitors as well.

There is a pub attached, with quite a large dance floor, and at 10:30 a.m. the day we last visited, couples were seen enjoying some ballroom style dancing in the pub. Were they drinking coffee or booze? Not sure! 🙂

Clog dancing is available. A no charge children’s circus takes place one day each weekend, and check out the gator display when you visit.

A few gators at the International Market World in Auburndale FloridaInside or out, there’s a lot to see, and lots to do when you visit the Auburndale International Market world flea market.

An interesting booth at the International Market World flea market in Auburndale Florida


International Market World Flea Market
1052 US 92 West
Auburndale, FL 33823
T: 863-665-0062
W: http:

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Richard Sweet
Richard Sweet
1 year ago

I need to contact the Tech that sold me 2 “4K ULTRAHD STRAMING BOXES” at a booth in the flea market. I left his phone number behind when I went back to New York State.

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