Lake Eola in Orlando

Lots of cities around the world have lakes in their downtown are. For example, Lakeland Florida has lots. We think that Lake Eola in Orlando ranks right up there with the best.

Here’s why.

Are you a Lake Eola walker or runner?

The walkway around Lake Eola is exactly .9 miles (1.44 km) so not only is the park a favorite for the exercise set, it’s also really easy to keep track of how far a walker has traveled on their exercise routine.

Your walking or running takes you along the path past gorgeous statues and fountains.

Bird sculpture Lake Eola in Orlando -

The walking / running path is seen to the right in this photo of one of the pieces of art located around Lake Eola.

Lake Eola Farmers Market

Every Sunday, year round, the lake hosts the Orlando Farmers Market from 10 am to 4 pm.

Not just in-season fruits and veggies, but crafts, snacks, wine, beer and entertainment can be found there. Here is more information if you are interested in the Lake Eola Orlando Famer’s Market.

Pavilion on Lake Eola walkway - www.orlando-florida-attractions.comAs well as a paved pathway, boardwalks and pavilions abound on Lake Eola, one of which is shown in the photo above.

Enjoy the view of the fountain, claimed to be the official icon of Orlando. It is known as the Linton E. Allen Memorial Fountain, and was completely restored in 2011.

Lake Eola Fountain - www.orlando-florida-attractions.comAt night the fountain erupts within multi-colored lights, almost dancing to the music audible throughout the park. The fountain display changes with the seasons, as does the time of the show.

Outstanding works of art are found throughout the grounds of Lake Eola in Orlando.

Statue at Lake Eola in Orlando - www.orlando-florida-attractions.comEntertainment is a frequent at Lake Eola, whether in the band shell show below, or at some of the other venues on the lake.

Bandshell Lake Eola in Orlando - www.orlando-florida-attractions.comPaddle Boat Rentals on Lake Eola

Take you sweetie for a paddle in one of the Lake Eola swan paddle boats.

Swam boat Lake Eola in Orlando -

There is so much more to see and do at Lake Eola in Orlando. Watching the varied bird life, the many aquatic creatures, and people watching are favorite pass times.

Don’t pass up Orlando’s Fiesta in the Park if you get the chance.

Here is more information about Lake Eola in Orlando.

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