ML Baseball in the winter

Baseball fans from the frozen north pine for some ML Baseball in the winter. That’s not possible when every ballpark is knee deep in snow.

But, ML baseball in the winter is possible if you are staying around Orlando during the winter months.

Just down I-4 from downtown Orlando (52 miles from the center of Orlando) is Lakeland Florida and the place for some ML baseball in the winter. In Lakeland Florida is  Joker Marchant Stadium, and this is the grapefruit league home base for the Detroit Tigers for decades.

Batter up - major league baseball

Batter up – major league baseball in February in Florida

Joker Marchant Stadium is easy to get to, but you do not want to be driving to or around the park at game time.  The stadium seats over 8,000 folks, pretty intimate from ML baseball standards, but if almost everyone is driving, that’s a lot of cars to navigate to and around the park.

Major League baseball in Lakeland Florida

There is lots of parking in the lots, and local homeowners are offering their front lawns and driveways for parking too. If you want to try and avoid the end-of-game rush, consider parking a few blocks away and walking to the park.

It was a super summer-like day when we watched the Jays and Tigers square off on the baseball diamond. The Florida sun is hot. Wear a hat!

Major League baseball in Lakeland Florida


More information about ML Baseball in the winter

Major League baseball in Lakeland Florida

If you want detailed information about Joker Marchant Stadium and the Detroit Tigers playing schedule here, please visit this site:

Swing-batter Major League baseball in Lakeland Florida


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