Mount Dora Florida

Is there any particular reason why a visitor to Orlando would travel to Mount Dora Florida?

Even if your time in Orlando is short, and though it’s a bit out of your way at about 32 miles from downtown Orlando, we feel that visiting Mount Dora is still worthwhile if your time permits.

What’s in Mount Dora Florida?

It is a residential community, with some beautiful architecture, some buildings dating back to the late 1800’s, and with it’s height over sea level a nose-bleeding 184 feet you will be visiting one of the highest areas in Florida. In Florida that 184 feet can be officially designated as a “mountain”. 🙂 Go figure!

Welcome to Mount Dora Florida

Mount Dora Florida advertises itself as “someplace special”.

If by that brand they mean a pleasant downtown with lots of crafty shops, people-friendly areas with available public washrooms, they are right.

If they mean that there are lots of eating establishments for guests to dine at, also right. There are more than twenty-five places to eat in and around downtown, a three or four block radius.

On the shore of Lake Dora

Mount Dora is located on the shore of Lake Dora, a body of water about 4500 acres big, with a depth averaging 12 feet.

Water sports abound, fishing is evidently excellent, but I gather it’s all catch-and-release. No one will admit to eating the fish, except the great blue herons which abound along the shores and nesting in the trees.

Great blue heron at the shores of Lake Dora

Great blue heron at the shores of Lake Dora

 What else in Mount Dora?

There are ten or eleven art galleries for those seeking just the right work of art for their collection.

Are you into antiques? There are three antique shops right downtown, and Mount Dora is claiming more antique dealers per square foot than anywhere else in Florida. Hmmm, maybe. Certainly, Renninger’s isn’t far way, and that’s both antiques and flea market in one.

You could take the Mount Dora canal cruise. There is a page providing more information about that cruise on this site.

At the other end of Lake Dora is Tavares, and the seaplane base. As you boat around Lake Dora, you have to watch out for one of these coming in to land, as this plane, and others we saw, were landing and taking off.

Sea plane landing on Lake Dora beside Mount Dora

Sea plane landing on Lake Dora beside Mount Dora

Even if you cannot stay there, it is worthwhile wandering into, and looking around, the Lakeside Inn, on the lake, in Mount Dora. This inn has been a landmark for Mount Dora for more than 100 years. As their website says… “The 128-year-old historic landmark is rooted in a peaceful, romantic and genteel era yet offers the conveniences and activities of the modern times. ” If this interests you, why not visit their site at:

Water plays a big part in Mount Dora’s attraction. On weekends, the farmer’s market is worthwhile taking in, and even if it’s not going on when you visit, the park where it is held is very pleasant. Just along the shore is the “inland lighthouse” across from Gilbert Park on S. Tremain Street. Parking is free, there are benches, beautiful water views, a nice place to bring a hot lunch or have a picnic.

Farmers market on the shores of Lake Dora - Mount Dora Florida

Farmers market on the shores of Lake Dora – Mount Dora Florida

Yes, if you have a few hours to while away when visiting Orlando Florida, or even if you are a Florida native, picture yourself poking through some of these shops when you visit Mount Dora Florida.

Curiosity shops in Mount Dora Florida

Curiosity shops in Mount Dora Florida

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