Orlando Area Restaurants

We have been developing our own list of favorite Orlando area restaurants. They will be added to this page over time.

What we hope is that you tell us what your favorite Orlando area restaurant is, and why that one is your favorite one.

You can add a comment below telling everyone what the best or worst dish was, about excellent or poor service – virtually anything about any Orlando area restaurant that is – wait for it – in good taste! 🙂

It does not have to be a top flight, mucho expensive eating establishment. Any Orlando area restaurants (within an hours drive of downtown Orlando) that you feel folks should know about is worth writing about using the comment box below.

Make your comprehensive Orlando restaurant review part of the permanent record on this page.  Tell all visitors details about why a particular restaurant is worthy of taking in, will you?

Some Orlando Area Restaurants & eateries we have experienced

Back Porch Tea Room

Bonefish Grill on W. Irlo Bronson near Disney is a good one.

Cherry Pocket on Lake Pierce

 Devenney’s Irish Pub where 192 (Irlo Bronson) meets Highway 27

Manny’s Chop House is West of Kissimmee on highway 27 South from I-4

Proper Pie Company – delicious savory pies to take out near I-4/Highway 27

Taste of Florida Cafe at Lang Sun Country Groves

Texas Roadhouse Kissimmee on W. Irlo Bronson near Disney is our fave so far.

Uncle Kenny’s BBQ – Clermont – Not To Be Missed!


Coming up, information about:

  • Cici’s
  • Sweet Tomato
  • Orlando Ale House
  • Longhorn’s Steakhouse
  • Olive Garden

and other restaurants we have visited in the Orlando area. And yes, we have been to the fast food outlets from time to time, but to our definition, the fast food establishments are not really restaurants, but service outlets where you get something recognizable, if not hot or delicious.

We do know that many of those  listed above are restaurant chains, and many folks living in the United States will be familiar with them. Yet many visitors come to Orlando from other countries around the world and they likely will not recognize the names, which is why we are listing all of the restaurants we have eaten at here in Orlando.

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