Orlando City Hall

We know, not everyone would consider the Orlando City Hall an attraction! Yet, if you have some time in Orlando, and you have some wheels to get you to downtown Orlando, among the many sites and activities, the art galleries at city hall are worth taking in.

The grounds outside Orlando City Hall are very welcoming, with lots of places to sit (and many folks do), a courtyard, flowing fountains, and gorgeous flowers to feast the eyes of anyone from the North that has been starved for green vegetation and flower color in their winter drabbed landscape at home.

Inside Orlando City Hall


There is a gallery right on the main floor of the Orlando City Hall. There is no charge to visit.

Buried way in the back on the ground floor too is an inside access to an excellent eatery. If you are visiting the Orlando City Hall near lunch time, the food looks great, the prices are very good, and you can sit inside looking into the courtyard, or sit outside, as the glorious Orlando winter weather permits, eat your lunch, and rock your cares away on one of the available courtyard rocking chairs!

Inside Orlando City Hall

To get past the first floor, to visit the galleries on the third and second floors (you typically go to the third floor first and wander down the broad staircase to the second floor) you will need to sign into the automated security kiosk. A drivers license is useful. The system will print you a pass allowing you to get past security and visit the gallery on the third and second floors.

Outside Orlando City Hall

The video below spends the first minute or so looking around the inside of City Hall. The rest of the video is made up of candid shots taken within a few blocks of Orlando City Hall. Downtown Orlando Florida is very nice, and, when you go make sure you get over to the Church Street Station only a couple of blocks from City Hall. Church Street Station is a street filled with boutiques, other interesting shops, and restaurants.

Orlando City Hall

  • Location: 400 South Orange Avenue, Orlando, Florida 32802-4990
  • Distance: about .5 mile from #408 & #4 in downtown Orlando
  • Tel: (407) 246-2121
  • Web: www.ci.orlando.fl.us

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