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As you drive along I-4 just west of downtown Orlando Florida, it is pretty hard to miss the Orlando Eye looming on the south side of the highway.

For those not in the know, the Orlando Eye – one of many “Eyes” around the world but I’m not sure if they are all affiliated or not – is a giant, and I sure mean giant, slow motion roller coaster. Those are full size palm trees and single story buildings in the photo.

Orlando Eye - www.Orlando-Florida-Attractions.comWhat do I mean by a slow-motion roller coaster? Just how fast does the Orlando Eye rotate? Check out this very short video. Look at the car at the bottom right. Then you can see the movement. When looking at the top cars on the Orlando Eye it’s hard to see movement at all.

According to the nice folks at the desk, the travel time for a full circle is 20 – 30  minutes, give or take. You see, each segment of the Eye’s travel is dictated by the numbers of folks that have to disembark from each capsule, and then the time needed to allow new folks to board.

Part of the time involved is seeing the 4D video feature before the trip, as well.

Speaking of the Orlando Eye Capsules

Each of the 30 capsules on the Orlando Eye – weighing 3 tons each and manufactured in Europe – offer seating for up to 15 passengers.

Passengers enjoy a full 360 degree view of Orlando during the ride, a capsule floor that stays level as the eye rotates, an excellent sound system (at least according to them), smooth ascent and descent, an inspiring view of Orlando including Disney World, and if you care to imbibe during your ride, you can upgrade to a champagne flight.

Passengers board and disembark from inside the Orlando Eye terminal. When each capsule is at bottom center, as can be seen in this next photo, the doors are opened onto the boarding area inside the terminal for capsule access.

Orlando Eye Capsule - www.Orlando-Florida-Attractions.comWhen it’s at full capacity, 450 passengers can ride the 400′ (120 meter) tall Orlando Eye at the same time.

The Orlando Eye is a massive structure, about 3 million pounds overall weight. The relative size can be seen by comparing the monster support legs that dwarf the 15 passenger capacity, 10′ high capsule, in the photo above.

Orlando Eye Amenities

Inside the main building is the terminal, one that would be the envy of many a small-country airline, I think.

Orlando Eye Passenger Terminal - www.Orlando-Florida-Attractions.comAfter validating or buying tickets passengers enter the Orlando Eye along the passageway seen to the right in photo above.

Full security is in force. Bags will be checked and cameras will typically have to be turned on to demonstrate their function before passengers can enter a pod.

The Orlando Eye is a destination attraction. By that I mean it’s not just the Eye at their locale, but the terminal building offers visitors other attractions, including a world-class Sea Life aquarium, and a Madame Tussaud’s wax museum.

Sea Life at the Orlando Eye - www.Orlando-Florida-Attractions.comFree Parking

Almost unheard of in target the tourist Orlando, the Eye provides lots of FREE PARKING in their own lot and parking garage behind.

This allows visitors without-parking-pressure time to enjoy all of the facilities of the Eye itself, one of which is shown in the photo above and another in-terminal activity is a Madam Tussaud’s museum, part of which (along with a wax Tom Hanks) is shown in this next photo.

Madam Tussauds at the Orlando Eye - www.Orlando-Florida-Attractions.com

There are also lots of visitor facilities located in the large plaza that faces onto International Drive in front of the Orlando Eye.

Visitor-interest sites include restaurants, souvenir shops, bars and more. Evening entertainment abounds in the Eye plaza and nearby. Also nearby is Ripley’s Orlando, a short walk along International Drive. Take advantage of this while you are visiting the Eye, if you have time.

Just a small segment of the plaza can be seen in this next photo. There is no parking at the Eye on International Drive, lots behind it, however.

Orlando Eye plaza - www.Orlando-Florida-Attractions.comCost to enjoy the Orlando Eye

This is a bit of a moving target. Just the ride on the Eye itself can cost around $25 depending on the amenities you wish to enjoy.

Yet you can couple your Eye ticket with a ticket to the Sea Life aquarium and Madame Tussaud’s museum, which increases the cost.

Then, if you are a liker of Lego (as I sure am) you can include a trip to Legoland in the Eye package, and yes indeed, this one is a very good deal. The Eye even provides a shuttle to and from Legoland from the rear parking area, and the bundled price is very, very good. You want to check this out.

Note that if you book online at least 24 hours before your ride there are substantial discounts. Pick up the ubiquitous coupon books that are available in almost every hotel, motel and restaurant in Orlando, and you will find coupons for the Orlando Eye there, as well.

Far as I can see there should be virtually no circumstance where you would have to pay full price, unless saving money isn’t of interest to you.

A neat place to go, and not to expensive, the Orlando Eye is. OK, that’s enough from me. Here’s where you get the official version:

Orlando Eye
8401 International Drive Suite 100
Orlando, FL 32819

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