Orlando Flea Markets

The reputed grand daddy of all Orlando Flea Markets is actually not in Orlando proper, but in Webster, Florida. With a reputed 1500+ vendors. Go crazy!

See the page on the Webster flea market linked from the navigation bar for more information about the Webster Flea Market. While there are many, many flea markets around and in Orlando, for our money, the Webster (Monday only) flea market is the best!

There is another Orlando area flea market that, if you have time, you want to visit. It is near Dora, Florida, called Renninger’s Antique Center & Farmers Market.

As to Orlando flea markets, on the map graphic below, I have added a dashed red line alongside a strip of highway #192, also known as W. Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway, the route of which bisects Interstate #4 at the west end of Orlando.

Map of Orlando

On this strip, and beyond on both ends, there are outlet stores, mini-golf games, fast food of all kinds, restaurants with food to suit almost any tastes, souvenir stores, a number of Helicopter tour pads, Fun World and Old Town USA, theme restaurants Medieval Times and Arabian Nights, and there are many flea markets on both sides of the road, from end to end, as well.

Flea markets in Orlando Florida

An outdoor flea market outside of Orlando Florida

If you encounter a rainy period during your Orlando stay, consider taking in these flea markets, inside some of which are antique dealers, farmers veggie and fruit outlets, shoe outlets, and you can even get your teeth whitened!

Where Are The Flea Markets?

Mile marker image in OrlandoAs you drive along the road, you will see Markers on posts on both side of the road. They are large and colorful, and hard to miss. The Markers start quite a ways West of I-4. The first Marker you will come to as you travel east from I-4 will be 8 or 9. I do not believe they are mile markers, rather tourist guide posts, as the distance varies between each.

Marker 9 – Visitors Flea Market

Near Marker 9 is the Visitors Flea Market. It’s almost directly opposite Old Town USA, and the closest to I-4 of them all, being just about 1/2 mile along. This was the least favorite of the three flea markets we visited on W. Irlo Bronson. At the time, in February 2012, quite a number of the booths were empty. It is, however, a covered flea market, there is reasonable parking, they have food outlets ( as well as being surrounded by restaurants) and who knows, they may have just the trinket you are looking for?

Web: www.visitorsfleamarket.com

Near Marker 10 – Main Gate Flea Market

Even if it’s raining when you go, it’s covered, and claims to be the only fully air-conditioned indoor flea market in Orlando. Main Gate Flea Market is about 2.5 miles east of I-4, right beside the Big Orange Gift Shop. They claim they have over 400 booths, they do have quite a good variety of items for sale, and promote their international food court. They also offer entertainment, the time and location in the various buildings you will need to determine.

Web: www.maingatefleamarket.com

Marker 15 – 192 Flea Market

Tons of parking, open seven days a week, with multi-buildings of vendors and a claim of over 450 dealer booths. 192 Flea Market is about 6.5 miles east of I-4. As with all of the flea markets, this one too has vendors selling similar items, yet, you never know when the right treasure will be found, and you can haggle a real deal!

Web: www.192fleamarketprices.com

Sometimes when you visit flea markets, all you get are… well, fleas! 🙂 Sometimes you’ll get the find you’ve been looking for, even though you may not even know you have been searching for just that item. Regardless, it’s raining right outside our digs here in Orlando as I write this today, and, spending time in a covered flea market perusing the merchandise and munching on a hot snack, and not walking in the rain, certainly has appeal for us.

There are more along Irlo Bronson. Head Westward to the Gate West market out near highway 27 for another.

Are You Near Kissimmee?

If you are staying in or around Kissimmee, then you may want to take advantage of another very large flea market in Auburndale Florida. Auburndale is about 60 miles from downtown Orlando. If you are a true flea-marketer, try to take in both Webster’s and Auburndale flea markets during your stay. Here is more info on the International Market World in Auburndale Florida.

Regardless of which you visit, do enjoy your experience with Orlando Florida flea markets.

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