Proper Pie Company

Almost everybody loves pies, yet the Proper Pie Company don’t just offer wonderful fruit pies, they make savory pies as well.

Meat pies, to be exact, in the traditional British way.

The Proper Pie Company is not a restaurant, yet it is a place to acquire food for take away.

Along with the Steak Pies, Chicken Pies, Lamb Hot Pot, Scottish Beef and Onion Pies, and incredible Sausage and Banger rolls or Cheese & Potato rolls, they also make fresh fish & chips on the premises, to order.

Savory pot pie available at the Proper Pie Comapny near Orlando

The Proper Pie Savory pot pies are every bit as good looking and tasty as this stock image suggests. I ate our actual pot pie before I thought of taking a photo of it for you. I am sorry!

You may be inclined to buy just one pie to split into two meals, as they are almost big enough, but once you put that first fork-full into your mouth, you aren’t going to want to share. It was that way with the Lamb Hot Pot pie we shared. I wanted the whole thing!

If you are visiting West Orlando and have a rental facility that offers a kitchenette, take advantage of the fabulous savory pies at The Proper Pie Company.

The folks there, in their very British accents, will explain how to cook the pies to perfection.

The shop is open on weekdays only, Monday through Thursday noon until 6 pm. Friday, noon until 8 pm.

It’s a small shop with a nice big menu. They’ll sell you a range of British groceries and chocolate as well, if you have any interest.

They are located in a small plaza on the left of Highway 27 as you head south from I-4. It’s about 30 miles (50 Km) from downtown Orlando to the pie company, and it should take about 40-50 minutes depending on the traffic on the I-4. Folks in the West end are much closer, of course.

The Proper Pie Company
145 Ridge Center Drive
Davenport, FL 33837
T: 863-438-2705

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