Theme Parks Around Orlando

When you think of theme parks around Orlando Florida, the big guys come to mind first, typically. And like all the theme parks around Orlando, ticket prices are, at least in our opinion, very high.

For a family with a bunch of kids, it is possible to spend hundreds of dollars on theme park tickets. The allure of the cheap tickets comes to bear.

Before you try to take advantage of some of the many, many establishments around Orlando that are offering free tickets, or discounted tickets, you may want to take a look at the facts behind cheap theme park tickets.

Walt Disney World Orlando

Walt Disney World Orlando FloridaWhen one thinks of theme parks around Orlando, Disney World Orlando is typically the one people think about. It’s been located in Orlando since 1971, and is, according to Wikipedia, the most visited theme park in the world. The numbers of visitors to Disney World Orlando vary depending on what source you find so we cannot be accurate about the numbers of visitors each year. The consensus is that there are way more than 15,000,000 people visiting Disney World in Orlando each year. If you are going to be one of them, here’s more info on Walt Disney World Orlando.

Walt Disney World Orlando is also the location of some world class resorts. You can stay right on the grounds and access the attractions easily. Some of the resorts are spectacular. Here is more information on Walt Disney World resorts.

When you’ve got lots of room, and you know the locals have been to the Disney theme park many times, how do you keep them coming back? You provide an upscale, outdoor, Disney-like shopping mecca of course. What is it called? Downtown Disney. Here are details.

Universal Studios Orlando

Duff Man at Universal Studios OrlandoCloser to downtown Orlando Florida is the theme park Universal Studios. Loosely based on the moving pictures created by Universal Studios over the years, this park features attractions based on movies and shows such as The Simpsons, Twister, Shrek, Revenge of the Mummy, ET and many more. Universal also has resorts within the grounds. Here is much information about what you can expect at Universal Studios Orlando.

Universal’s Islands of Adventure Orlando

Main sign for Universal's Islands of AdventureWhile located at the same location as Universal Studio, the theme park Universal’s Islands of Adventure is a whole different park, requiring additional tickets and days to visit. Featuring attractions based on Marvel comics, cartoons, Jurassic Park, and the now world-famous Harry Potter franchise, in our opinion, Universal’s Islands of Adventure – the newer cousin to Universal Studios – offers better value for the visitor’s buck. Here’s more information on Universal Studio’s Islands of Adventure.


Part of sign at Legoland OrlandoEven if you didn’t spend your time as a youngster building amazing creations with Lego blocks, the Legoland theme park will bring out the child in you, gauranteed. It’s a bit of a drive from Orlando, but that shouldn’t hold you back. Legoland is quite the theme park, for sure, and in our opinion is well worth visiting.

 Cypress Gardens

Cypress Gardens is now part of LegoLand Orlando. Image is of a pirate ship at Cypress GardensAt one time Cypress Gardens was the most frequently visited attraction in the world. We are talking about the 1950’s and 1960’s here. People came from all over the world for the attractions. While it is no longer a stand-alone theme park any longer, when you visit LegoLand, Cypress Gardens park is accessible as part of the LegoLand attraction. Here’s more information about the modern Cypress Gardens.


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