Traffic in Orlando Florida November 2018

It’s worse now, the traffic in Orlando Florida during November 2018, and I expect this will continue for months if not years to come.

We were westbound on I-4, not too far past Sanford, when the traffic slowed a bit. This is a Saturday.

You know the feeling that you get when you are sailing along a freeway, making good time, expecting to get to where you are going somewhere near the time shown on the GPS, and all of a sudden, you wish you could be getting up anywhere near the “maximum 55” the speed limit signs were showing? That’s how I felt when approaching Orlando early in the afternoon Saturday last. I-4 and Orlando, regardless of the day, seems to mean stopped traffic.

West bound traffic on I-4 Saturday afternoon

All told there are about 21 miles of construction to try to get through. Bad enough on a weekend. Can’t but feel badly for those folks that have no choice but to commute on I-4 during a work week!

The road constructions results in twisted roads, lanes disappearing, exits gone, exit closures, I-4 stoppages sometimes all night… crazy.

We were amazed at the infrastructure being built in, for and around I-4. Some of it is really awe inspiring, calling for closer scrutiny, but believe me, not if you are driving. Drivers are nuts!

Everywhere you look there are monstrous structures being built.

These photos don’t do it justice. The ramps and freeways seem to be 50, 70, maybe 100′ up in the sky.

Skyscrapers rather than highway bases, it seems.

And even more.

In some sections whole new highways are being built on both sides of I-4. It might be that they might be twinning it vertically in spots too.

After much angst and extremely defensive driving we made it through I-4 to highway 27, where we intended to head south.

From center town Orlando east bound I-4 was stopped. STOPPED. As we drove and drove the miles to get to highway 27, the east bound lanes of I-4 were full and not moving. Exiting I-4 and 27 and heading south we took the overpass over and looked west on I-4 from highway 27. As far as we could see, all lanes were full and not moving. This on a Saturday afternoon, and we did not see on traffic accident or road incident on I-4 anywhere along I-4 from downtown to where we got off.

Driving through Orlando on I-4 is likely to be very slow or stopped, and don’t forget, there will be I-4 closures to attend to later in the evening, along with periodic exit closures.

Want to take a look at downtown Orlando? Consider arranging to drive through Orlando on I-4 around 09:00 Sunday morning. Likely no other time during a week will allow one to drive through without stop / start traffic for 21 miles!

Else, if you are driving into south Florida, either take the 417 bypass of all this construction (turnpike charges apply) from Sanford or don’t take I-4 at all, but head on south on I-95 or I-75 and bypass that corridor entirely.

Safe driving.

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