Uncle Kenny’s BBQ

When you arrive at Uncle Kenny’s BBQ, tucked back in a row of commercial units in a semi-industrial setting, we would understand if you are taken aback.

We were too!

But with the glowing recommendations of friends that live in the West end of Orlando, we felt compelled to go inside anyway. We are sure glad we did.

Uncle Kenny's BBQ in Clermont - near Orlando FloridaEver heard of BBQ’d pork egg-rolls? Nope, neither had we. Yet when we asked the server what was the favored dish on the menu, that’s what came up first, followed by their Carolina Style Pulled Pork sandwich. The ribs were a close third.

So we ordered one order of each of the egg-rolls and Carolina sandwich, and said we’d split it. No problem. The BBQ’d egg-rolls came neatly cut into halves for us, with a generous dollop of ‘slaw in the middle of the dish. The Carolina sandwich had the ‘slaw right in the sandwich, which we cut in half to share.

Oh, but this was delicious, and we are glad to have shared the two dishes, as the portions were large.

If BBQ is your thing, you do NOT want to miss a visit to Uncle Kenny’s BBQ.

Uncle Kenny’s BBQ is not highfalutin. Meals are served on waxed paper in plastic baskets and the “silverware” is made of the finest plastic too. Regardless, the food is great. And if buying a BBQ is your thing, stop into their store and buy one if you like. ๐Ÿ™‚

Where is Uncle Kenny’s BBQ?

Only a bit of a drive – about 25 miles (40 km) directly West from downtown Orlando.

Uncle Kenny’s is located in Clermont, in the Citrus Tower Plaza, almost at the junction of highway 27 and highway 50. Just north of 50 off highway 27, to be exact.

Uncle Kenny's BBQ in Clermont - near Orlando Florida

Uncle Kenny’s BBQ
157 North Highway 27
Clermont, Florida 34711

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