Visit Winter Garden Florida

Typically folks are in the Orlando area to take in the many theme parks and other sights. If you get the chance, maybe on a rain day or some such, travel up the road a bit and visit Winter Garden Florida and take in the sights there, too.

Why visit Winter Garden Florida?

Much of Winter Garden is, in our opinion, indistinguishable from Orlando. But once you go downtown to the historical section, expect to enjoy meandering, along the cobblestone streets, in the core of old Winter Garden. This area is listed the National Registry of Historic Places.

Winter Garden promotes the downtown core as a charming little city with a juicy past. The juicy past part of their theme is a nod to Winter Garden’s long history as the hub of the local citrus industry.

Gateway to historic old Winter Garden Florida

Gateway to historic old Winter Garden Florida

While vehicles do travel up and down the cobblestone central road, by the nature of the road, they generally travel quite slowly. Lots of parking is available right on the main street and on adjacent blocks.

There are scads of eclectic eating places to enjoy a meal at. Names like the Moon Cricket Grill and Sweet Ashley Rae’s Cupcakes and Cakes leap out at you.

Who doesn’t have a sweet tooth? Pop into Ms. Bee’s gourmet popcorn and candy shop.

Ms. Bees gourmet popcorn in Winter Garden Florida

Ms. Bees gourmet popcorn and candy store

Time it right and a fresh batch of gourmet popcorn will be coming out of the hopper and a sample of hot, sweet and delicous popcorn will be yours to enjoy.

Sign with eating, drinking and sevice establishments in downtown old Winter Garden Florida

Sign with eating, drinking and sevice establishments in downtown old Winter Garden Florida

Lots of visitors come to Florida for the warm. If you find yourself wandering around downtown Winter Garden and it’s getting too hot. let the kids (young and old) cool down a bit in the interactive splash pad located  just a couple of blocks from downtown. Nice places to sit, maybe have a snack, and let the bouncing waters cool you right down.

Splash pad in downtown Winter Garden Florida

Splash pad near downtown Winter Garden Florida

Here is more information to help you when you visit Winter Garden Florida.


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