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Welcome to Orlando - www.Orlando-Florida-Attractions.comStatistics show that typically more than half of the visitors to Florida come to the greater Orlando area, and that’s because of the amazing number of Orlando Florida attractions to see and do!

One of those stats show that Florida has had, in 2015, 105 million visitors to the Sunshine State.  (Source: www.flgov.com) Another statistic states “In 2015, a record 106.3 million tourists visited Florida, with an economic impact of ~$90 billion. Over the last five years, tourism has averaged about 6% growth annually.” (Source: https://fsu.digital.flvc.org)

These are the latest visitor-to-Florida stats found when researched in 2019 and regardless of which is most accurate, they definitely show that Florida is visited by millions upon millions of folks each year with thousands of sources of information beseiging the prospective visitor.


The Traffic Madness In Orlando Continues (Update Fall 2021)

There is a ton of stuff to be reported about the ride through Orlando late 2021. There’s not enough room on our home page. If you wish to know about the current road conditions in Orlando for late 2021 follow this link.

We think we are like many when we are more than a little overwhelmed by the huge numbers of Orlando attractions and the reams of information about them. Everywhere we traveled around Orlando we were buried in information about what the greater Orlando Florida area has to offer. There is so much noise; signs, directions, pamphlets, ads, all screaming at us at the same time, all trying to get us to go there and do that or do this, first.

Lake Eola in Orlando - www.orlando-florida-attractions.comWe think that other visitors to Orlando could be a little intimidated by this overabundance of information, as we were when contemplating a trip to take in all that Orlando Florida has to offer.

We are building this site to try and do a little bit about what can be sometimes overwhelming amount of noise as each attraction shouts out for every Orlando visitor’s attention.

Orlando Eye - www.Orlando-Florida-Attractions.comUsing the right navigation bar or the search box to find specific information will bring you as much information about all of the Orlando Florida attractions that we can add in a quiet, use-at-your-leisure format. And – we promise not to scream at you while we are doing it.    🙂

Orlando Florida Attractions

There really are so many more Orlando Florida attractions than just the little guy with the big ears and the funny voice, though that one is pretty special indeed! The navigation bar at the right has links to pages on this site with attraction-specific information of all kinds in an around Orlando.

Dancing up a storm at the Orlando Science Center - www.Orlando-Florida-Attractions.com

Dancing machine at the Orlando Science Center – a great place to spend a day if you find that the Orlando weather is a bit wonky outside. See the Science Center page for details.

Here are the goods about Orlando Florida attractions. We sure hope they help you sort out which you will have time to take in, when you visit this beautiful, vibrant city of Orlando in central Florida.

Cheers, and we hope you enjoy this site and your visit to Orlando.

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