Orlando Science Center

During your stay in Orlando, if you encounter some snarly weather, is the Orlando Science Center a good bet to entertain you and the family for hours? It sure is.

When driving into the Orlando Science Center complex, I was a bit taken aback by the fact that the entrance driveway ended up at a pay-parking lot.

Yet, upon consideration, it makes perfect sense. There is no free parking anywhere around the Orlando science center, visitors driving there need to park, the price is reasonable, and the parking is very convenient; being enclosed and a short indoor walk across the bridge to the main doors, as shown in the photo below.

Bridge to the Orlando Science Center

Instead of staying under cover in the garage, we took the parking ramp right to the top outside deck to get a better view all around the Orlando Science Center and to continue our enjoyment of some of the wonderful weather we experienced during our stay in Orlando, and at a time of year that could be knee deep in snow back home.

That is when we saw the Osprey

The site of the majestic osprey nested on top of the parking area light standard held our attention for quite some time.

Osprey on the nest on top of a light standard on the top level of the Orlando Science Center parking garage

The nest was blocking the on/off sensor so the light stayed on all the time. Heat from the lamp would warm the nest all through the cooler months. Might get a bit too warm come summer, though. I hope when you visit the Orlando Science Center that the nest and the osprey will still be there.

Orlando science center - Orlando Florida

Children & adults enjoying some of the exhibits at the Orlando Science Center

Indoor Tree in the Science Center

The science center is bustling. Once you check in, one of the things that grabs your attention right away is the tree. I believe it is a cypress.

The tree in the Orlando Science Center

The roots are in the water in the lower level, with knees sticking up, and the branches span all floors to the top of the center. Look closely. In the branches are a variety of fauna. And you know, though it is certainly life-like, I never did find out for sure if the tree was alive, or not.

There are a host of activities for youngsters, teens and even some for the adults to enjoy scattered throughout the many floors. Along with the super-size movies, the attractions and activities change regularly, bringing something new for you to enjoy each time you visit.

We walked up to the top science center and worked our way down to the lower levels. For folks that do not like stairs or ramps, elevators are provided. The center appears to be barrier free.

There is much to see and do, not the least of which is people watching. Though we tried, I know that we did not actually got to enjoy all the science center had to offer. There was just too much!

Orlando Science Center Video

We made the video and it gives you just a brief glimpse of the many things to see and do at the Orlando Science Center.


There is no need to pack a lunch when you visit. Snacks and a popular fast-sandwich restaurant are part of the amenities, along with places to sit and relax. And yes, it is worth visiting during your stay in Orlando, Florida, even if it isn’t raining!

Orlando Science Center

  • Location: 777 E. Princeton Street
  • Distance: about 4 miles from #408 & #4 in downtown Orlando
  • Tel: (407) 514-2000
  • Web: www.osc.org

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